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Mancini was an artist that I was made aware of for how she looked before how she sounded as the Facebook algorithms proceeded to plant posts in my feed about this new (to me) artist with annoying regularity.

The ploy worked though as I went and actively sought her out to see what the fuss was about. Long story short, I’m glad I did, annoyingly the algorithm was right.

After some Spotify stalking, I noticed that Mancini had made it on to 6 Music with the ever-so-catchy title track. I also heard ‘Cannonball’ which sounds to me like the theme tune from a long-lost 70s spy show, I adore it.

This retro vibe is spread all across the record, it is a brand-new album that sounds like it was recorded decades ago. That isn’t a criticism, in a world filled with bands trying to create the next big thing it is comforting to hear something that leans on older influences.

There are hints of St Etienne on ‘Do It (You Stole The Rhythm)’, a smattering of Nancy Sinatra on ‘Shotgun’, and a whiff of Goldfrapp on the excellent ‘What You Doin’ (which also features Miles Kane and Kitty Liv), and the start of ‘My Umbrella’ sounds like the theme from a 70s kids TV show!

The record is full of pristinely produced retro pop. It has brought a big smile to my face and has been on repeat for the last few weeks.

The Facebook algorithms may be the work of a megalomaniac but in this case, they have worked beautifully!

Fancy a copy? It is available all over the place for about £23 and only comes on ‘retro’ black vinyl, how quaint!!!

Tracks To Try: ‘Deep End’, ‘Cannonball’, ‘Sugar High’, ‘Undo The Blue’, ‘Do It (You Stole The Rhythm)’, ‘What You Doin’.


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