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After 30 years as part of those Britpop darlings Supergrass, Gaz Coombes went it alone. This latest record is his 4th solo release in the last 10 years and thankfully it is evolution rather than revolution as his solo work is excellent.

From the quiet opener, ‘Overnight Trains’ the album builds to the excellent ‘Don’t Say It’s Over’ before crashing into the jangly, distorted ‘Feel Loop (Lizard Dream)’ which is reminiscent of work on his previous album ’The Worlds Strongest Man’ - I thoroughly approve.

The first of the two singles that have been released so far arrives next in the shape of ‘Long Live The Strange’ which took a few listens to appreciate but I’m there now. Things start all acoustic next as ‘Not The Only Things’ strums its way in. The song was written for his autistic daughter apparently and is suitably lovely.

The title track follows and is a classic solo Coombes number, another that took a couple of listens but rewards. ‘This Love’ features copious cowbell ‘nuff said!!!

The penultimate song is ‘Sonny The Strong’ which is the other single from the album and tells the real-life tale of a “forgotten British world championship boxer” Randy Turpin and his tragic end. The album finishes with ‘Dance On’ which has a whiff of David Bowie about it.

This is the store-exclusive blue vinyl edition which I excitedly ordered, only to find this ‘exclusive’ was available via HMV, Resident, Rough Trade etc. Naughty that, but understandable from the artist's point of view.

If you fancy a not-so-exclusive copy on blue, cream or black vinyl then it is available everywhere for about £25.

Tracks To Try: ‘Don’t Say It’s Over’, ‘Feel Loop (Lizard Dream)’, ‘Not The Only Things’, ‘This Love’


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