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Total Refreshment Centre is a recording studio/gig venue/artist workshop which has hosted some of the hottest young things of the new London jazz scene since opening in 2012. Artists like Moses Boyd and The Comet Is Coming have cut their teeth there over the last few years.

Sadly, those spoilsports in Hackney council revoked their live music licence just before lockdown but the recording studio and workshop are still open and spawned this new album on the Blue Note imprint.

I think this album was compilation of the week a little while back on BBC 6 Music and, as it was new modern jazz, my interest was immediately piqued.

As I’ve said before, I can’t really review jazz records, I know what I like and for the most part, I like this album. There are a couple of rap/hip-hop tracks on the album that, over time, I might learn to appreciate but I find that whole genre impossible to enjoy.

This record has a real mix: hip-hop, traditional jazz, slinky and dark modern jazz, samba rhythms and disco floor fillers. It is a fascinating glimpse into what is being produced by the community at Total Refreshment Centre.

If you want to hear what the cool kids of the London jazz scene are producing then the album is available all over the place with prices ranging from around £20 to £40 so it pays to shop around…

Tracks To Try: ‘Byron Wallen - Closed Circle’, ‘Jake Long - Crescent’, ‘Matters Unknown - Eloquence’, ‘Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Isa’, ‘Resavoir - Plight’


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