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Updated: Jun 15

My first experience of this Australian electro-pop quartet was the deliciously over-the-top song ‘First Class Bitch’, an absolute tune! When I saw their second ’Tilt’ on offer on Resident I took a punt after listening to the album on Spotify a couple of times - spoiler alert, it sounds MUCH better played on vinyl…LOUD!

‘Tilt’ is the band's second album, released in 2021 and is the follow-up to their successful debut, ‘Confident Music for Confident People’. It continues in the same musical style blending disco, funk, and house music to produce a really upbeat album.

The production is slick and polished throughout and has an almost retro dance feel. If ‘Woman’, the first track on the album, has a whiff of the 90s to it, track 2 ‘Feels Like A Different Thing’ absolutely reeks of it!!! House piano all over a club beat? That’ll do nicely!

‘Toy Boy’ and ‘Luvin U Is Easy’ continue this, the latter having definite Ibiza house vibes. The catchiest track on the album is ‘Holiday’ which, while not being as over the top as ‘First Class Bitch’ is an absolute banger!!!

The album is full of funky baselines, pulsating beats and catchy hooks. It is a high-energy pop/dance record that makes me feel good (I think the fact that I’m listening to it on a sunny day influences my review!)

If you fancy a slice of this infectious, 90s dance-inspired goodness, it is still on sale on the Resident website for just £14 on limited Indies Only yellow or blue vinyl.

Tracks To Try: ‘Woman’, ‘Feels Like A Different Thing’, ‘Luvin U Is Easy’, ‘Holiday’, ‘The Trumpet Song’, ‘Angry Girl’.


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