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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith have returned with their first new album in 18 years and do you know what, it was worth the wait.

I’ll be honest, I bought this album out of loyalty and was hoping that my preorder would be rewarded with at least a half decent LP but I’m glad to say that it is much better than that.

First things first, there are no instant pop hits on this album so if you are thinking of taking a punt on it expecting the 2022 version of ‘Pale Shelter’, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ or ‘Sowing The Seeds Of Love’ you may be disappointed. That’s not to say there aren’t good songs on the album, far from it, just no straight out of the trap classics.

Singles like ‘The Tipping Point’, ‘Break The Man’, ‘My Demons’ are decent but I doubt they will be near the top of the TFF top 10 list. What I will say is that the album gets better after each listen so maybe in time I might change my mind, I genuinely hope so.

This is the limited edition green vinyl edition ordered directly from the band that came with a numbered print (208/1000) and some portraits of the lads. Decent pressing too.

Tracks To Try: The tracks mentioned above, ‘Long, Long, Long Time’, ‘Stay’.


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