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Updated: 5 days ago

When I saw Seth Lakeman had a Record Store Day release I was all over it. ‘The Somerset Sessions’ is a collection of previously unreleased songs recorded in September 2020 over just 10 days.

This is a typically good release from Lakeman, beautiful folk songs delivered in his distinctive voice, mostly acoustic but with a smattering of electric instruments in there too.

Such was the demand for the record that Lakeman decided to release it on streaming, CD and vinyl - a bit annoying if you bought the record for the exclusivity afforded by an RSD release, thankfully that doesn’t apply to me, I love him, I’d have bought it regardless!!!

If you fancy some excellent folk music from one of the West Country’s favourite sons, then there are still a few copies of the RSD release floating about for around for about £20.

Tracks To Try: ‘The Giant’, ‘Hollow’, ‘Season Cycle’, ‘These Times’.


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