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Now Playing: ‘The Seeds Of Love’ by Tears For Fears…

I've always been a massive fan of Tears For Fears and bought this album on CD the week it came out in 1989. 30 odd years later I bought it again, but why?

It all started with a comment on one of the Rega groups on Facebook where someone said that one of their go-to tracks to test their system was ‘Bad Man’s Song’. This immediately got me thinking about the last time I'd listened to this album and I concluded it was too long ago so I fired up Spotify. I listened to it on repeat all afternoon while at work and bought it that night.

I finally got around to giving the vinyl a spin and can confirm that it sounds as good today as it ever did. I love the jazz influences of 'Bad Man's Song' and the fact that 'The Seeds Of Love' has more than a whiff of The Beatles about it! Oleta Adams' contribution to the album is fantastic and adds another dimension to the record.

Everyone will be aware of the title track and possibly 'Woman In Chains' and 'Advice For The Young At Heart' but for me, the lesser-known album tracks are as strong as the singles.

Tracks like 'Swords And Knives' which starts off gently and builds to a crescendo of guitar solos, brass and strings keep me engaged across its full 6 minutes. 'Year Of The Knife' with its rock beginning and end and subdued orchestral piece sandwiched in between fascinated me when I first heard it and I'm still engrossed today.

For me, there isn't a bad track on the whole album, I honestly think it is their best work and, as a means to give your system a workout, it is pretty damn good!

If any of that makes you want to kick out the style and bring back the jam then the album is available everywhere for about £20 but HMV also has their Centenary Edition available for £38 which also includes a bonus disc of Townhouse Live Jam Sessions.

Tracks To Try: ‘Woman In Chains’, ‘Bad Man’s Song’, ‘Advice For The Young At Heart’, ‘Swords And Knives’, ‘Year Of The Knife’.


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