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Updated: Jun 15

I heard today that this album has been nominated for the Mercury Award so thought I’d give it a blast.

The band exploded into my consciousness when their single ‘The Overload’ got hammered on BBC6Music. 3 minutes of witty, sweary anger with a killer chorus, what’s not to like?

This is definitely an album where it pays to read the lyrics (if you can, I reckon the person who knocked up the sleeve notes was a doctor judging by the handwriting). The songs are filled with tales of flawed characters, from the self made man who is miserable now he is rich to an obnoxious boss to the school football team captain who choose suburbia over stardom.

I took me a couple of listens to get my head around the album but, as it comes in in at just over 37 minutes, it was rattled through quickly.

They are another post-punk talk/sing band and the obvious comparison is with The Fall but they could probably be compared with the likes of Dry Cleaning, Idles and Sleaford Mods too I guess.

I preordered the album which came on what the band call ‘Ghetto Lettuce’ green. Quite.

Tracks To Try: ‘The Overload’, ‘Payday’, ‘Pour Another’, ‘Tall Poppies’.


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