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Updated: 5 days ago

I've got a real soft spot for these baggy Mancunians. They originally started life as a Stone Roses tribute band and there is still some DNA from that part of their life in what they do today. They are unashamedly caught in an early 90s timewarp and do you know what, it is glorious.

Something else that is glorious is their work ethic. In the last few years, they formed the band, set up their own record label (Spirit Of Spike Island), sorted their own gigs out, created their own merchandise, did their own press and released two very good records all without any industry assistance.

They are now regulars on BBC 6 Music, working their way from the C-List (making it to this is a massive achievement in itself) to 'Big Fish, Small Pond' making it to the very top of the A-List. Quite an achievement.

Speaking about the new record, Afflecks Palace vocalist, producer and Spirit Of Spike Island label boss, J. Fender said: “This album is an ode to escapism from the modern-day obsession with superficial status, wealth and success — propelled by social media FOMO.”

Musically, the album is still full of nods to Madchester but it feels like the band is starting to spread its wings with this new album. Songs like 'Hey Stranger' with its intricate drums and 'Ghosts On The Underground' show they have more to them than jangly guitars and references to class-As, this is reserved for tracks like 'I'm So Glad You're On Ecstasy'.

There are plenty of uplifting, high tempo tracks on here, it is a proper summery album that sounds better with each listen.

If you want to support a small band doing their very best to 'stick it to the man' then you can do a lot worse than to purchase a copy of this album. It is available from Picadilli Records for £23 on Indies Exclusive red vinyl or this, the Piccadilly Records exclusive blue vinyl (be quick there are only 500 made).

Tracks To Try: 'Dancing Is Not A Crime', 'Wide Eyes On The Night Bus', 'Wake Up', 'Big Fish, Small Pond', 'Ghosts On The Underground'.


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