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We travelled to Glasgow in October 2021, just as Covid restrictions were starting to ease, to watch Erasure at the SEC Armadillo on the first night of The Neon Live tour.

As it was the first night, the show was a bit rough around the edges if I’m being honest but it didn’t matter, we were out, surrounded by thousands of fans listening to Andy Bell and Vince Clarke belt out tracks from their latest album plus a generous number of the classics.

A couple of months later I received an email from Erasure saying they had recorded one of the shows on the tour and would be releasing it on vinyl if I was interested. It was a classic “shut up and take my money” moment!!!

So, in December 2021 I ordered this, the deluxe triple vinyl edition, pressed on violet sparkle vinyl which comes accompanied by an 8-page full-colour booklet. The whole package is very nice indeed.

To be honest, they could have pressed it on dog puke yellow and stuck it in a brown paper bag and I’d have still bought it as it is a chance to have a copy of the show I saw, at the first event I attended after the world started to return to normal.

This release is quite niche but if you fancy a copy it is available now from the LiveHereNow website for the princely sum of £45. You had better be quick though, the record is limited to 1,500 copies. At least you won’t have to wait 15 months for it to be delivered as I did…

Tracks To Try: ‘Hey Now’, ‘Who Needs Love Like That’, ‘Nerves Of Steel’, ‘Chains Of Love’, ‘Turns The Love To Anger’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Love To Hate You’, ‘Love Is A Stranger’ (Eurythmics cover), ‘Victim Of Love’, ‘Oh L’Amour’.


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