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YAAAS! Finally, after two years of moderate effort and four attempts, I finally have grubby mits on one of my all-time favourite albums.

I loved the film when it came out (and still do) and loved the soundtrack even more. It had two tracks by INXS on it which was enough at first but after listening to it a couple of times back in the day I fell hard for artists I’d never heard of.

I only realised recently that Lou Gramm who belts out the epic ‘Lost In The Shadows (The Lost Boys)’ was the lead singer from Foreigner of ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ fame. World of difference between the tracks!

Roger Daltrey’s version of ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ is my absolute favourite. I reckon it is because it is the version I’ve heard most from playing this album.

This was the first album where I heard The Doors albeit via Echo And The Bunnymen’s excellent cover of ‘People Are Strange’. I’d seen the posters of Jim Morrison looking like the coolest cat on Earth but never actually heard their music until this album.

There are also songs on here by dudes I’ve never heard of and still don’t know. Guys like Gerald McMann and Tim Cappello, I know nothing about the former and that the latter is the big greasy guy who plays the saxophone at the beach party in the film!

Oh, and I also know that they delivered two cracking songs for the soundtrack in ‘Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys)’ and ‘I Still Believe’.

Sandwiched in between those belters is the excellent ’Power Play’ from Eddie And The Tide (whoever they are - actually, it doesn’t matter, the track is a slice of 80s soft rock gold).

They left the best to almost last, ‘Beauty Has Her Way’ by Mummy Calls is one of my all-time favourite songs. Can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have a copy of it.

The album is rounded out by ‘To The Shock Of Miss Louise’ by Thomas Newman, the sound of a fairground carousel that sounds all cheery but creeps me out after watching the film

Fancy a copy? Well, there are records out there but they are either battered originals or dead expensive reissues. I've had three orders cancelled or returned and ended up paying more than I wanted to get an unmolested copy.

Tracks To Try: All/any of them, not a bad track on the album with the possible exception of the creepy carousel track <shudder>.


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