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Updated: Jun 15

After listening to their latest offering ‘The Tipping Point’ I thought I’d give 1983’s ‘The Hurting’ a go for the first time in years.

I bought this album back in the day just for ‘Pale Shelter’ and I would happily do the same tomorrow just for ‘Mad World’ or ‘Change’. The three singles from the album still sound fantastic.

What about the rest of the album? Definitely some songs of their time on here like ‘Ideas As Opiares’, all sparse electronic beats with a random saxophone turning up mid song, very early 80s. I reckon the next track, ‘Memories Fade’, could have been recorded by Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet too.

What I had forgotten is just how much I enjoy this album. Away from the singles there are some really good songs on this LP that should get more attention, glad I gave it a blast to be reminded.

Tracks To Try: ‘Mad World’, ‘Pale Shelter’, ‘Change’, ‘Suffer The Children’.


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