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Updated: Jun 15

I’m off to watch Deacon Blue perform live in the SECC in Glasgow this weekend on the last night of their ‘All The Old 45’s’ greatest hits tour so more homework is required.

First up is ‘The Hipsters’ which was released in 2012 after the band had an 11-year hiatus where they all became TV hosts, BBC Radio presenters and even college lecturers!

I remember giving it a casual run-through upon release and tagging the LP as ‘classic Deacon Blue’ which was neither a criticism nor a compliment. Now, after spending some time with it again, it is very much a compliment.

The band sounds as tight as ever, the songs almost as strong as in their late-80s peak, it is a pity they didn’t get the airplay they deserved (maybe they did and I just missed it because my tastes had shifted to the deliciously miserable indie pop they serve up in BBC6Music).

There are excellent tracks on this record that I should have given more love to at the time. ‘The Hipsters’, ‘The Outsiders’, ‘That’s What We Can Do’, ‘She’ll Understand’ and ‘Is There No Way Back To You’ have all become much-loved staples of their live shows.

I’ve had the album on repeat via Spotify all day and then gave it a blast on the big system when I got home. I’ve discovered a hidden gem that I had all along. I feel grateful and daft in equal measure.

If you fancy a copy, it is going to cost you about £30 in this delightful yellow hue via Discogs. That is a lot of cash but, for me, it is an absolute bargain.

Tracks To Try: ‘The Hipsters’, ‘Stars’, ‘Turn’, ‘The Outsiders’, ‘That’s What We Can Do’, ‘It Will End In Tears’.


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