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Updated: Jun 15

I read that The Dream was a real return to form for Alt-J but, in all honesty, I didn’t get it at first, it took me three or four run-throughs to appreciate it. Saying that, there were songs that stood out from the first listen though like ‘Get Better’.

‘Get Better’ is a heart-breaking song about a man longing for his partner in the hospital to get better. As the track goes on it becomes clear that she dies, and he is left alone coveting the normal, day-to-day stuff we take for granted that take on special meaning now that she is gone. This also acts as a tribute to the NHS’ frontline workers who “risk all to be there for us”.

As well as the usual songs about relationships there are also some left-field subjects covered on this album from being addicted to Coke (as in Coca-Cola, not the class A), to teenage crypto millionaires, to the workings of a serial killer’s mind. Each subject is covered in the usual Alt-J style, with lead singer Joe Newman’s angelic, choral voice over their familiar jagged indie-pop, now with added prog here and there.

This is the Blood Records ‘The Nightmare Edition’ which has a black and purple ‘corona effect’ finish as well as exclusive artwork. Personally, I love both. The pressing is quite noisy though, I’ll need to give it a good clean to see if it improves.

Tracks To Try: ‘U&ME’, ‘Hard Drive Gold’. ‘Get Better’


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