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Updated: 5 days ago

This first record from the ‘Birthday Haul’ and it is a cracker. I won’t bore the spleen out of you with a big review, you all know who these guys are.

The record includes all the big numbers, ‘Avalon’, ‘More Than This’, ‘Jealous Guy’, ‘Dance Away’, Love Is The Drug’, ‘Virginia Plain’ etc, etc. Even someone with just a passing interest in the band would find something to enjoy.

What I will say is that this record sounds fantastic. This is no doubt due to it being mastered and cut at half speed by the boffins at Abbey Road. I don’t know the science but I can appreciate the result, stunning.

This was a birthday present so I haven’t checked the price, I’m sure Google will show all the good record stores that are selling it, and some of the bad ones!!!

Tracks To Try: Any of them, fabulous artists with an outstanding back catalogue.


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