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Updated: Jun 15

The new Dry Cleaning album doesn’t change course dramatically from their excellent debut ‘New Long Leg’. Scratchy post punk songs overlaid with singer Florence Shaw’s monotone delivery.

Shaw’s lyrics come out as a stream of consciousness, it is like having a conversation with someone in a pub where topics range from the serous (death, commercialism of ethical goods) to the ridiculous (looking for a lost tortoise called Gary Ashby)

Ms. L positively hates this record (“rubbish music with a women who can’t sing talking nonsense over it”). She also REALLY hates the album cover! The pubes on the soap make her gag.

If you didn’t ‘get’ the first album then there is little on Stumpwork that will bring you around I guess. If you enjoyed their first outing then this will ring your bell.

Tracks To Try: ‘Kwenchy Kups’, ‘Hot Penny Day’, ‘Liberty Log’.


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