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Updated: 6 days ago

It is 1991; I’d returned from a James gig with merch and was now bouncing around a crappy pub in a white, long sleeve T-shirt with the words WE ARE SOUND written in massive letters all down the back. I was at the cutting edge of fashion and wasn’t afraid to show it!

This is the follow-up to their breakthrough album ‘Gold Mother’, which was panned by the critics upon release if I remember correctly. I think they were expecting 10 ‘Sit Down’s and instead got a more complex indie album.

The record includes the singles ‘Ring The Bells’, ‘Seven’ and ‘Sound’, and probably the biggest hit from the album, ‘Born Of Frustration’. Overall, the singles didn’t fare well in the charts, with the first two mentioned not troubling the Top 40.

Despite the lack of success in the singles chart, the album is still good and interesting enough to take a punt on some of the album tracks, like ‘Bring A Gun’ and ‘Next Lover’.

For me, this album will always be linked to that white T-shirt and drinking in dodgy pubs with brilliant mates, so it is perfect.

Fancy a copy? This 180g, double disc repress from 2017 is just £26 on Dig Vinyl if you are quick.

Tracks To Try: ‘Born Of Frustration’, ‘Sound’, ‘Bring A Gun’, ‘Live A Love Of Life’, ‘Next Lover’, ‘Seven’.


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