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Updated: Jun 15

Behold the magnificence of the Dinked Edition of the former Super Furry Animals lead singers' new album. Don't be fooled by the garish vinyl; this is a dark album.

Musically, the record is impeccably delivered and produced. It is filled with beautiful strings and piano, shaped into pop songs, 70s soul, and even upbeat tropicalia at one point. And to throw you off balance, the title track kicks the record off with a distinct county twang.

If you listen to the lyrics, though, a dark perspective emerges. The songs are about self-sabotage, political revolution, social uprising, and the loss of identity. I read the album described as an oxymoron record, which sums it up nicely.

When asked about the dark themes on the album, Rhys said, "I'm going for euphoric melancholy." Quite.

Rhys recorded the album in just three days in an old French mansion using his touring band, enabling him to quickly get what he needed.

He also enlisted the help of label mate Kate Stables of 'This Is The Kit' for backing vocals, which I approve of as a fan of both artists!

In an eccentric move, he chose to master the record in France because "he wanted to hear what French electricity sounds like". Well, to me, it sounds pretty damn good!

Fancy a copy? This Dinked Edition on Honeycomb Neo-Neapolitan vinyl with bonus 7" and signed print has long since sold out, but Rough Trade does have it on Chocolate Neo-Neapolitan Vinyl for £30. You can also get it for a little less on Blackberry Neo-Neapolitan coloured vinyl from your local independent record store.

Tracks To Try: 'Bad Friend', 'Celestial Candyfloss', 'Silver Lining Lead Baloons', 'They Sold My Home To Build A Skyscraper', 'Cover Up The Cover Up'.


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