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I couldn’t physically get to my go-to record shop for Record Store Day this year as I was double booked for a beer festival (priorities) so had to wait until the unsold stock went on sale via the various websites.

I started with the guys I would normally visit at 81 Renshaw and they managed to hook me up with most of what I was after (I missed out on ‘The 1975 with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra’ which sold out quickly apparently, there are plenty available on eBay right now for over £100 though, scalping bastards).

What I did get my hands on was this, ‘Rio Carnival’ by Duran Duran. The EP originally came out in September 1982 and was intended to maintain the momentum generated with the release of the album ‘Rio’ by delivering a record of remixes - or night versions - designed specifically for nightclubs.

The EP was a hit at the time and still sounds great to me, someone who got ‘Rio’ on tape for Christmas in 1982.

Most of the tracks are more extended versions rather than full-blown remixes (not a complaint, I love the originals) but ‘Hold Back The Rain’ has whole verses I’ve never heard before which was a pleasant surprise and ‘Rio (Part 2) is a banger.

If you fancy a copy of this fantastic-looking and sounding record, there are still a limited number available on the indie sites for about £35-£40 - overpriced in my opinion but that is the Record Store Day premium price we must pay.

Tracks To Try: ‘Rio (Night Version), ‘Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version), ‘Hold Back The Rain (Carnival Remix)’, ‘Rio (Part 2).


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