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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Here we go again, another time and place album. This is a 17 year old me drinking bottles of Diamond White in the only pub that would serve us, feeding pound after pound into the video jukebox (remember them) to watch ’Step On’. Then they added ‘Kinky Afro’ and I regularly chose to sacrifice a taxi fare home to watch that too!

The album has been re-released as part of the HMV Centenary collection (complete with the rather fetching splatter effect) and there are still some copies available online if you want to re live your Joe Bloggs jean/Troop boot/James t-shirt wearing youth.

I forgot that Paul Oakenfold co-produced this album and just how Balearic it sounds in places (I’m looking at you ‘Donovan’ and ‘Bob’s Yer Uncle’ - the 12” version of this is an Ibiza sunrise belter).

Tracks To Try: Kinky Afro, Loose Fit, Dennis & Lois, Bob’s Yer Uncle

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