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Another record I picked up as part of Record Store Day, this one I was really eager to get my hands on. Originally released as part of the CD-only You Can Have It All box set, this is the first time 'Peace Will Come' has been available on vinyl.

We were fortunate to see Deacon Blue Live last year on the final night of their Greatest Hits Tour at the SECC in Glasgow.  The gig started with a series of acoustic songs performed in a huddle at the front of the stage. This unique setup showcased the band's live prowess and offered a fresh perspective on their biggest hits.  This album is more of that gig within a gig.

Lead singer Ricky Ross says, "We enjoyed playing our campfire sets on the last tour when we deconstructed and rearranged songs to fit an acoustic format. 

"Essentially, 'Peace Will Come' is an extension of that concept.  It's rough around the edges, but it captures the core of what we do.  There are no overdubs or drops – we all just sang and played together and took the best take."

The album includes 12 acoustic tracks featuring reinterpretations of some of their best-loved songs and live favourites.

It also includes some excellent cover versions of 'Dancing In The Dark' by Bruce Springsteen and 'Forever Young' by Bob Dylan.

Fancy a copy? You'll have to pay a scalper. The album is limited to 1000 copies worldwide, and I can't find any available from my usual sources. It is available on Discogs and eBay; expect to pay between £35 and £70.

Tracks To Try: 'Queen Of The New Year', 'Cover From The Sky', 'Dancing In The Dark', 'All Over The World', 'When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring?)', 'In Our Room', 'Peace Will Come'. 


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