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Updated: Jun 15

After the sugary sweet hit of Beabadoobea last week this album from Interpol is a different proposition altogether. I saw them described as gloom-rock which I thought was a little harsh but after listening to their new album it is probably fair in all honesty.

The main issue I have with Interpol these days is that the bangers are becoming fewer and fewer as the albums progress. ‘’Toni’, and ‘Gran Hotel’ are good songs, but they aren’t ‘Obstacle 1’, Slow Hands’, ‘All The Rage Back Home’ etc.

If you have listened to Interpol since their self titled album released in 2010 you will know what to expect; a solid lump of heavy indie, fine drumming, spiralling guitars and Paul Banks’ dark, brooding voice.

Thing is, I’m getting a bit bored of this now, I want more ‘Heinrich Manoeuvre’, less solid lump of heavy indie.

Maybe I’m too hot, maybe I’m being too harsh and just need to give it a few more spins, time will tell.

Tracks To Try: ‘’Toni’, ‘Renegades Heart’


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