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Updated: 5 days ago

I first became aware of Alfa Mist via his collaborations, first with Tom Misch and then with Jordan Rakei. I was taken by the way he blended hip-hop and soul beats with modern jazz to create something that isn’t one thing or the other.

This is AM’s first EP, originally released in 2015 which got a repress in 2022. It was self-released on his Sekito label and was really well received at the time. It still sounds really good today.

There are songs on the album like ‘Dreams’ that remind me of acts likes of Zero7 which is definitely a good thing. The track ‘Hopeful’ features Rakei and his delicate falsetto floating over speaker-pounding beats.

AM has created a dreamy, laid-back record full of mellow beats and chilled compositions. If you fancy getting some of it into your collection, the EP is available from the artist's Bandcamp page for just £15.

Tracks To Try: ‘Answers’, ‘Blaze’, ‘No Peace’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Hopeful’.


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