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Now playing: Mr Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - A Tribute To The James Bond Themes Of Dame Shirley Bassey...

Sleeper doing a Bond theme as a limited edition Record Store Day release? There was NO WAY this wasn’t coming home with me, was there?!?

This is a double pack coloured vinyl 7" 4 track compilation of covers of the James Bond themes of Dame Shirley Bassey. Indie bands pay tribute to Bond and Bassey, timed to be available just the lastest Bond film was meant to be released (it isn't thrown together this shit, you know).

David Gedge (from the Wedding Present) teams up with Louise Wener (Sleeper) on the unused Thunderball theme; Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The Left Outsides create an atmospheric take on Diamonds Are Forever. Darren Hayman (Hefner) re-imagines Goldfinger with his own chorus of Bond girls. DJ Downfall and Theoretical Girl's cool synthpop Moonraker.

I know I’m biased but this is ace. Well worth getting up at 5 AM for...


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