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Late last week the postman delivered September’s surprise record from Rough Trade. As part of their exclusive club, they send a new LP each month for my listening pleasure. It is always a worry leaving your record collection in the hands of strangers but so far there have been no duds, in fact, this month they may have sent my album of the year!

For those who are unfamiliar, Romy is co-vocalist and guitarist of indie doom mongers The xx. Despite not releasing an album in 5 years, they haven’t split they have all just released their own solo records, last off the mark is Romy.

This isn’t a doom-laden xx album though, far from it, it is an album of dance bangers that complement Romy’s voice brilliantly resulting in a record that has a whiff of the more upbeat Everything But The Girl tracks about it.

If you enjoy Tracy Thorn’s solo work this should be right up your straza.

There are autobiographical songs here about love/being too shy to tell someone about the love you feel/the euphoria of finally being in love, all delivered via Romy’s hushed, slightly melancholy vocals.

It is this juxtaposition of upbeat, dance tracks up against Romy’s vulnerable vocals that make this record so compelling to me. Beats veer from cool Daft Punk-esque house to Balearic euphoria to light as a feather Euro pop all playing away underneath her delicate voice.

Apparently, this is a pop/dance love letter to the dance clubs which shaped Romy as a gay teenager in London. All I can say is that the music at those places must have been good as this love letter is fabulous.

If you fancy a copy it is available on traditional black, neon pink, neon yellow or neon pink vinyl for about £22 via Rough Trade. For a couple of quid more, you can pick up this clear version that also comes with a bonus CD.

Tracks To Try: ‘Loveher’, ‘The Sea’, ‘Strong’, ‘Twice’, ‘Enjoy Your Life’, ‘She’s On My Mind’.


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