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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Stumbled across Spoon after one of their tracks, ‘The Hardest Cut’ (I think) was played after another album finished on Spotify. Did some digging and found it was a single from an upcoming album, the next day I received a notification to say they were releasing a Dinked Edition and saw it as a sign from the universe!

So what did I get? Besides the natty cream and orange splatter LP, signed poster and bonus flexi disc there is also a very good album filled with with bluesy, indie rock tracks.

Took a couple of listens to realise just how good this album is but it is now on regular rotation.

They remind me a bit of The War On Drugs with a touch of (toned down) White Denim thrown in. If that interest you, might be worthwhile checking them out, to be honest, even if that doesn’t seem like your go-to sound I’d give it a go anyway as the album is really good.

Tracks To Try: ‘The Hardest Cut’, ‘Wild’, ‘The Devil & Mr Jones’


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