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Updated: Jun 15

It’s the mid 90s, the charts are filled with hip, young things releasing wave after wave of energetic indie bangers, the media is raving over this Britpop phenomenon, the whole country is surfing a wave of positivity, we are in the throes of ‘Cool Britannia’! Cole’s answer to all this was to release an album of reflective songs about failed relationships and heartbreak. Gotta love our Lloyd!

Despite the subject matter, or maybe because of it, this album is right up there with his best solo work in my humble opinion. It genuinely astonishes me that this album didn’t propel him to the top. I guess it was a case of right album at the wrong time.

The good news is that ‘Love Story’ is now available on vinyl for the first time, the bad news is that it is only available as part of the ‘Lloyd Cole in New York’ box set which costs £100+ but you do get the rest of his solo releases too which is a massive plus.

I had this in my car for about 18 months and would bang it on when I’d had enough of the endless repeat play of the usual rubbish on the local and national radio stations, it was a soothing change from the manufactured teeny pop dirge that was popular at the time.

Tracks To Try: ‘Sentimental Fool’, ‘Love Ruins Everything’, ‘Baby’, ‘Unhappy Song’, ‘Like Lovers Do’.


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