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I’m not entirely sure who gifted this record but I’m very grateful as, although it is over 40 years old, it is in very good condition. A few crackles at the beginning but after that it plays perfectly.

This is Dire Straits’ 4th studio album, released in 1982 and includes just 5 tracks. To be fair, ‘Telegraph Road’ is over 14 minutes long with all the other tracks averaging over 6 minutes each.

It includes the singles ‘Private Investigations’, ‘Industrial Disease’ and the title track which was later re-released as a live version.

I probably haven’t listened to the album since the 80s when this and ‘Alchemy’ spread around our school quicken than nits. This takes me back to listening to music on a crappy little tape recorder - simpler times!

What is interesting is how musical tastes change, I remember struggling with ‘Telegraph Road’ and ‘Private Investigations’ but loving ‘Industrial Disease’ as a kid, but now it is completely the other way.

I always thought that the song ‘Love Over Gold’ had a whiff of the Tina Turner hit ‘Private Dancer’ about it, turns out I was right! Mark Knopfler wrote ‘Private Dancer’ for this album but thought it would suit a female voice so gave it to Turner and the rest is history.

If you fancy a copy, HMV has it for about £30 new or, if you fancy delving into the world of questionable grading, it is on eBay for about a tenner.

Tracks To Try: ‘Telegraph Road’, ‘Private Investigations’, ‘Love Over Gold’.


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