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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

I missed out on the RSD release and wasn’t willing to sell a kidney to buy it from a scalper on eBay so did some searching and found this, the 40th Anniversary Edition, on white marble vinyl, mastered at half speed at Abbey Road. Needless to say, it sounds brilliant.

Great, mostly instrumental, remixes of tracks from the seminal ‘Dare’ album made up of over 2,600 edits (according to the blurb). Probably one for the completist/uber fan rather than the casual listener as it is a little full on.

That’s not to say it isn’t good because it is, but it was created when remixing was in its infancy so it has everything including the kitchen sink thrown at it! Sometimes less is more.

Tracks To Try: Don’t You Want Me, Things That Dreams Are Made Of, The Sound Of The Crowd.

Edit: It turns out this is in fact the RSD release. The cover on the RSD website is black and the sticker on my LP doesn’t mention RSD but there you go.


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