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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Fyfe (Paul Dixon) and Iskra Strings (James Underwood) create cinematic pop music that hops genres from dark industrial dance to indie folk to trip-hop. This is their debut album after releasing a couple of excellent EPs a few years ago and it doesn’t disappoint.

Written during lockdown, apparently the album is about looking for a sense of wonder once the world got back to normal. It features some excellent guest vocalists including Rae Morris, Ghostpoet, Mysie, Aquilio and Kelly Lee Owens who all add another layer to Dixon and Underwood’s tracks.

It is really hard for me to categorise this album as it bounces around, it plays to me like a soundtrack from some dark drama. What I can confirm is that I’ve had it on repeat all day I’m completely absorbed in it, with each play through I pick up something new.

Tracks To Try: ‘’Origami’, Deletia’, ‘Egosystem’, ‘Spirographs’


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