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This month’s Rough Trade Club has thrown me…in a good way. I’ve heard the name Peggy Gou mentioned in festival lineups and on music blogs, but I never bothered to play any of her music, although I discovered that I had heard her track ‘Starry Night’ on 6Music.

Ignorance got the better of me; I learned that she was originally from South Korea and just assumed she was part of the K-Pop invasion, something I didn’t want in my life, to be honest. But I was mistaken, man alive, was I mistaken!!!

This album isn’t twee pop sung by identikit teenagers for other teenagers; this is proper 90s dance goodness.  I’m transported back to iffy nightclubs, drinking cheap drinks with amazing mates when I listen to this, and I love it.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the album contains so many dance bangers. Gou is a bonafide superstar DJ, and this album shows her versatility as she blends Eurodance with drum’n’bass and piano house.

It feels like each song is a single; tracks like ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana’ are destined to be Med anthems (if they aren’t already), being played from Ibiza to Aiya Napa and everywhere in between.

‘I Go’ was nagging at me because it sounded so familiar, and it wasn’t just the 80s synths over the heavy 90s beat; I was sure that I’d heard it before, and I probably had as it was released as a 12” 3 years ago.

I wondered who the diva was belting out the R&B number ‘I Believe In Love Again’; checking the liner notes, it is Lenny Kravitz going full falsetto!

Dance music isn’t my oeuvre, but this album has hoiked me in from the first few seconds. It is like a sampler of all the excellent party music being played right now. I’ll admit my perception was completely wrong about Ms. Gou. I’m glad I was saved from myself.

Fancy a copy? This Rough Trade exclusive on Sky Blue & White Inkspot vinyl is available for £27 and includes a bonus CD of remixes but is limited to just 1500 copies, so be quick. It is available on blue or black vinyl for a couple of quid less, too.

Tracks To Try: ‘Back To One’, ‘I Believe In Love Again’, ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana’, ‘Lobster Telephone’, ‘I Go’, ‘1+1=11’.


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