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Well hello there, this is a bit of a change! BDRMM are a four-piece from Hull who do a mean line in modern shoegaze rock, although you might not guess that from the opening track ‘Alps’ which is all electronic soundscapes.

The shift in musical style continues on the third track ‘It’s Just A Bit Of Blood’ which starts off sounding like a Thom Yorke solo piece before transforming into something Ride would be proud of!

The music shifts again on ‘We Fall Apart’, back to something I would have expected after hearing their debut album ‘Bedroom’. Dark, brooding rock - I thoroughly approve.

‘Advertisement One’ is an instrumental piece that starts with a gentle piano progression before it is engulfed by electronic noise and rousing power chords. it is very Mogwai-lite.

Talking of Mogwai, it is probably no coincidence that BDRMM has been signed to their Rock Action label, this is their first release on the imprint and is mightily impressive.

If you were a fan of their first album there are parts of their latest release which will sound familiar and comforting but the best parts for me come from the experimentation with electronica which has created new, contemporary sound.

Fancy a copy? It is available in multiple vinyl options, light green (£28 - Rough Trade exclusive), Indies Exclusive marbled white (around £25) or standard black (around £24).

Tracks To Try: ‘Alps’, ‘It’s Just A Bit Of Blood’, ‘We Fall Apart’, ‘Pulling Stitches’


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