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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

And now for something completely different! After yesterday’s blast of classic remixing courtesy of a superbly crisp reissue of ‘Love And Dancing’ by League Unlimited Orchestra comes something altogether darker.

‘Heart Under’ is a new album from Irish shoegazers Just Mustard. The album is peppered with scratching, wailing, distorted guitars, throbbing bass, fuzz, screaming feedback and industrial drum work. Floating over this cavernous noise are the heavenly vocals of Katie Bell.

I bought the album on a whim after hearing one track and learning they supported Fontains D.C. on tour recently. I’ll be honest, this isn’t my usual cup of tea, and on first run through this is not an easy listen, but a couple of spins reveals the quality of this moody, dark, hypnotic album.

Tracks To Try: Still, Mirrors, I Am You , In Shade


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