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Updated: Jun 15

If you haven’t heard WMC before think catchy electronica that is a bit like The Horrors with a touch of Depeche Mode and some New Order beats thrown in for good measure.

The album is full of distorted vocals and guitar solos layered over synths, digital drum sounds and throbbing electronic bass lines (sounds great played loud!!!)

The album is a melting pot of influences from tracks where singer Syd Minsky-Sergeant sounds like a rebooted Max Headroom (‘The Last One’), tracks that sound like they are sampling some long forgotten 80s TV show (‘Cut’) and songs that sound like they are channeling The Human League (’19’). Despite my terrible review I can confirm that it is very good.

I preordered this from the official site so I’m now also the owner of a weird half poster and a signed card which is nice. What isn’t so nice is record itself which seems to have picked up more dirt than a JCB. Clicks and pops a-go-go even after a blast from the Zerostat and a good brushing. Needs a wash I think, I’ll do it later, enjoying the music too much right now…

Tracks To Try: ‘’Widow’, ‘Cut’, ‘Circumference’, ‘Heart Attack’


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