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Updated: Jun 15

I was made aware of this album by a member of one of the Rega groups after putting up the mini review of ‘Broken Equipment’ by Bodega, he suggested I might be interested in The Wants. A quick blast on Spotify and I was sold.

I was interested as they remind me a of Bodega, which makes sense when you learn that two of the three members of The Wants used to be in that band.

Although there is a definite twang of Bodega here, this album feels darker, jittery, more oppressive especially the instrumental tracks like ‘Aluminium’ and ‘Voltage’. Also, the influences are easier to spot on ‘Container’. If you give it a listen you will hear hints of Gang of Four and Radio 4 alongside The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem. Keep going and there is a whiff of Depeche Mode and Interpol in there too I reckon.

This album has been a revelation to me, it is like someone has mashed up some of my favourite bands to create a bespoke album just for me.

I was baffled how I missed this upon its original release in March 2020 then it dawned on me that my focus was elsewhere at that time, namely panic buying toilet rolls, flour and pasta as we entered the first UK lockdown! Never mind, better late than never I guess.

Tracks To Try: ‘Container’, ‘The Motor’, ‘Fear My Society’, ‘Clearly A Crisis’, ‘Hydra’.

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