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Updated: Jun 15

The sun is shining (well, it is here), the working week is over (well, it is for me), and we can have a wee drink and a sleep-in tomorrow (well, I can), so to celebrate, I’m listening to something joyful, uplifting and gloriously daft.

I saw this album as a sale item on one of the indie web stores and took a punt. I’m not usually into dance-pop, but I really enjoy these guys, they deliver catchy-as-hell songs, plus I get the lingering sense that they are massively taking the piss out of everything.

This album is a proper throwback record, the band doesn't even try to hide their influences. It starts with the disco-vibed ‘Try Your Luck’, and next up is ‘Don’t You Know I’m In A Band’ which has a whiff of Right Said Fred about it to me (in a good way).

Then they go all Primal Scream on the brilliant ‘Out The Window’, next Ibiza-inspired beats fill ‘Catch My Breath’ before they switch again to the crazed Girls Aloud-esque banger ‘Better Sit Down Boy’ before going all Italian house piano and jazz flute on ‘Sailboat Vacation’.

There is nothing in the least bit deep or meaningful here, the record is frothier than the foam on a latte - just listen to ‘C.O.O.L. Party’ or ‘Bubblegum’ for evidence of that. It is the perfect soundtrack to a Friday afternoon when the sun is shining and there is no work tomorrow.

If you fancy picking up an album that is a slice of ‘dance like no one is watching’ goodness then the record can now be picked up all over the place for just £15 - an absolute bargain in my opinion.

Tracks To Try: ‘Try Your Luck’, ‘Out The Window’, ‘Catch My Breath', ‘Better Sit Down Boy’, ‘All The Way’.


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