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Updated: Jun 15

This is the Limited Edition, 5LP Deluxe Box Set (snappy title). As well as the original album remixed it also includes a previously unreleased live concert: Live At Edinburgh 1987 as well as a 24 page booklet. It is a really nice package, pressing is decent too.

This is the album that got me into Marillion along with their farewell live release The Thieving Magpie (the additional live album in this package is from the same tour as Magpie). I quickly snaffled up the back catalogue and subsequently bought all of Fish’s early solo releases.

I read years later that Fish created a character called ‘Torch’ who was supposedly singing the songs but it is clear the album is autobiographical, complete with tales of drug and alcohol excess and failed relationships. It also includes Fish’s not so subtle hint about leaving the band in ‘At That Time Of The Night’.

They nearly split up recording this album and then did after the subsequent tour but the songs they were working on together at the time filtered down into ‘Seasons End’ and Fish’s solo debut ‘Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors’.

Tracks To Try: ‘Warm Wet Circles’, ‘Just For The Record’, ‘Incommunicado’, ‘Slàinte Mhath’, ‘The Last Straw’.


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