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So, what do we have here, a greatest hits compilation? Well, yeah, and at the same time, no! 

This is a collection of the band's favourite songs, which they deconstructed and rebuilt with fresh drum and rhythm tracks and new orchestral and horn arrangements. Grammy Award-winning producer Mark Phythian brought the whole thing together. 

The transformation is nothing short of fabulous. The songs, while familiar, sound even better. The new tracks have a cinematic quality, with the extra orchestral work adding a sparkle and shimmer. This record takes the original tracks to a whole new level, making them sound like demos in comparison - a truly impressive feat. 

Some of the songs like 'King In A Catholic Style' sound better than the originals - there, I've said it. The orchestration elevates the track from a slice of pop goodness to 4 minutes of pop greatness. 

If you are a fan of the band, they have released the China Greatness version of 'Wishful Thinking' on Spotify; give it a go to hear the difference.

Sides 1 and 2 of the compilation include 'enhanced' songs, where the horns and orchestration take the songs to the next level. Side 3 includes bolder interpretations, where the new arrangements take centre stage. 

Side 4 features mostly massive orchestral numbers that give just the faintest nod to the original source material. For me, this is the most surprising and impressive part of the whole compilation. 

What about the album's intriguing name? It's not just a random choice but came from a recent interview. The band was asked if they would ever play live in China, and their response was, "The only way the Chinese authorities would allow us in is if we change our name from China Crisis to China Greatness". And thus, the album's name was born, a unique and memorable touch.

If you fancy a copy it is available to preorder from your favourite independent retailer for about £30 on this glorious yellow vinyl.

Tracks To Try: Any of them…


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