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Updated: Jun 15

Released for the first time on vinyl for Record Store Day ’22, Central Reservation is a work of folk-pop goodness. Orton’s voice is beautifully delicate as she sings about failed relationships, mortality, grief and all that good stuff that adds fuel to the creative flame.

Despite it’s folk leanings, this album isn’t all acoustic guitar and misery, theres the odd track with trip-hop beats and there’s a dose of electronica thrown in for good measure. This isn’t a tear your face off kinda album, definitely a slow burner although ’Stolen Car’ rocks out a fair bit.

I originally got into this album off the back of ’Stolen Car’ and was initially disappointed that the rest of the album didn’t sound like it, upon reflection, I can appreciate the quality of Central Reservation.

I’m not the only one, the album earned Orton a second Mercury Music Prize nomination and she won the Best Female Artist at the 2000 BRIT Awards.

Tracks To Try: ‘Stolen Car’, ‘Central Reservation’, ‘Stars All Seem To Weep’, ‘Love Like Laughter’.


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