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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

First heard Bodega after their track ‘Jack In Titanic’ was hammered on BBC6Music. When the 6Music festival came to Liverpool I was lucky enough to see them live.

Since then I’ve hoovered up everything they have released and saw them live again, this time at the excellent Future Yard venue in Birkenhead.

This album is very much more of the same from Bodega, that being mostly angry post-punk songs about how rubbish modern life is spat out by singer Ben Hozie with the soothing vocals Nikki Belfiglio taking off the rough edges. Hey, if it ain’t broke and all that…

This is the Dinked Edition which comes on clear teal vinyl (of course, it is their signature colour), a bonus 7” Flexi disc, a massive map/poster thing and, weirdest of all, an alternative glow in the dark sleeve (they have previous, I have their first album ‘Endless Scroll’ on glow in the dark vinyl).

Tracks To Try: ‘Doers’, ‘Territorial Call Of The Female’, ‘C.I.R.P.’, ‘How Can I Help Ya’


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