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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Morrissey’s best album in my opinion, not a bad track on it from start to finish (although I could do without the wailing part in the middle of ‘November Spawned A Monster’ if I’m being honest).

If you have never properly listened to Morrissey and think he just churns out miserable albums, filled with miserably songs sang miserably then you need to give this a listen.

This collection of songs shows he is a brilliant songwriter and a sublime lyricist.

This is the 20th Anniversary Version which comes in a fetching teal and included 6 bonus tracks. Pressing is outstanding.

Tracks To Try: Suedehead, Last Of The Famous International Playboys, Everyday Is Like Sunday, Piccadilly Palare, Hairdresser On Fire, Lucky Lisp, Disappointed


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