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GoGo Penguin are, to use there own description, a Jazztronica band. Their songs are lead by piano supported by excellent bass and drum musicianship.

The band was formed in Manchester in 2012 and have gone on to gain critical acclaim over the years for their work, blending nu-jazz with electronica and trip-hop.

This EP was released last year and is the first outing for the new drummer Jon Scott. It is described as a ‘palate cleanser’ ahead of a slight change of direction for the band. I hope they don’t change too much as I love their previous work.

If you fancy adding some really good, modern jazz to your collection then the EP is available at Rough Trade on standard vinyl for £25 or on this clear disc for £28.

Tracks To Try: ‘Badeep’, ‘Ascent’, ‘Wave Decay’.

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