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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

If you are unfamiliar Beabadoobea is the stage name of Beatrice Laus, a young London-based artist whose first album was very well received and whose career skyrocketed after her song ‘Coffee’ was sampled for a rap song that became a viral hit.

Beatopia is Bea’s’ second album and is a mix of pop, 90s indie with just a touch of rock all smothered in her pristine vocals.

Even at its most raucous this album feels like a soundtrack to me, something that is going on in the background rather than music that grabs you by the lapels and demands attention. That’s not to say it is a bad album, it is anything but, maybe it is Bea’s sweet vocals?

‘Pictures Of Us’ reminded me of someone else and after a bit of digging found that it was co-written and co-preformed by Matt Healy from The 1975. There are also collaborations with Georgia Ellery of Black Country, New Road whose string arrangements really add to the album.

This is the ‘Super-Spatter Edition’ from Blood Records and looks excellent, pressing is a little noisy though.

Tracks To Try: ‘Talk’, ’10:36’, ‘Don’t Get The Deal’, ‘Pictures Of Us’


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