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You probably won't be familiar with Ali Horn which is a massive shame as he is really talented. Not only is this album completely self-written (good but not rare), it is self-produced (ok, kinda rare) and is also self-released on his own label (now that is rare!) This is Loominance Records first release, LOOM001 - kudos Mr Horn.

I bought this record at the bar in The Handyman pub on Smithdown Road from the man himself after the ‘Silvermoon’ Christmas Extravaganza. He was kind enough to sign it too, although I'm not sure he had much choice with me standing over him, all full of IPA!

To my eternal shame, I haven't listened to the album sooner (I have a backlog of new records I'm churning through). I’m kicking myself now as it is really good, I could have been enjoying it earlier.

This is an LP that was born during the dark times of the lockdown so there are some dark themes on it including isolation on the fantastic ‘La Brea Tar’, and desperation, wonderfully described on ‘Managed Decline’ which documents a Northern town being left to go to ruin.

Despite the sometimes maudlin subjects, the album can be musically uplifting. ‘End Credits’ for example is about death but is sung over a jaunty pop song complete with what sounds like a xylophone track and a chant of “let's sing a happy song, happy song”. This song is a proper ear worm!!!

Horn has a languid, considered musical style but isn’t averse to rocking out, give ‘…Left It’ a listen for evidence of that, with its fuzzy guitars, machine gun drums and distorted vocals. It is a delicious palate cleanser to the first half of the record. Then, instead of returning to his usual style up pops ‘Balcony Boys’ within its surf rock twangs!

If you fancy taking a punt on a new, independent artist who has written, produced and self-released a cracking debut album, then the first pressing - limited to just 250 copies - is available via Big Cartel (Google will point you in the right direction).

Tracks To Try: 'Feels Like Home’, ‘Lobotomy Boogie’, ‘…Let It’, ‘Balcony Boys’, ‘End Credits’


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