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Updated: Jun 15

What are you doing tomorrow night? Me, I’m going to Manchester to be deafened by Mogwai at the Albert Hall. To prepare for the audio onslaught I’m giving ‘As The Love Continues’ another blast.

Released in February 2021 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of their first single, the album was praised almost universally by the critics and went on to be nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. It also reached the top of the album charts.

The LP is made up of mostly instrumental tracks but ‘Richie Sacramento’ has some lyrics which no doubt helped it get heavy rotation on BB6Music. For me, it is a shame there aren't more vocals on the record, there are a couple of tracks with weird vocoder vocals but it isn't the same as having something you can belt out at a gig!

The whole album is very cinematic, like the soundtrack to a film where something dark happens.

If you fancy having the ear wax blasted out of your head then the album is available everywhere for about £22 on black vinyl, HMV currently has it on double gold disc, released last year to celebrate Love Record Stores Day for £30.

Tracks To Try: 'Dry Fantasy’, ‘Richie Sacramento’, 'Ceiling Granny', 'Midnight Flit', 'Supposedly, We Were Nightmares'.


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