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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

A nasty bout of Covid has kept me away from my records for a couple of weeks but not away from eBay. For the princely sum of £11 (delivered) I managed to get my hands on an album I never got around to buying in the 80s.

For those unfamiliar, Arena is essentially a live greatest hits recorded “around the world in 1984”. It features songs from their self titled debut album, Rio and Seven And The Ragged Tiger.

It also includes the studio track ‘Wild Boys’ which I only recently found out was produced by Nile Rogers. The song featured the famous video that was filmed at the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios and reportedly cost £1million to make.

The album is a nice time capsule back to when New Romantics ruled the charts and it was perfectly acceptable to recreate Mad Max for a promo video.

Whoever bought this album really looked after it. It sounds great, the cover is in really good condition as is the insert and the 8 page glossy booklet. £11? A bargain.

Tracks To Try: ‘Is There Something I Should Know’, ‘New Religion’, ‘Wild Boys’, ‘Union Of The Snake’, ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Careless Memory’.


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