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Updated: Jun 15

Had the pleasure of catching Hawk in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago, fabulous gig and the man himself was lovely, signing all merchandise, and having a chat with everyone who waited to see him after the show including us where he revealed he was excited to learn that Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys loved his record.

His 2021 debut ‘Heavy Elevator’ was a collection of songs conceived over a few years, honed and crafted into a cracking album, ‘Angel Numbers’ is an entirely new LP written during lockdown then recorded at Rod Jones’ (of Idlewild) Post Electric Studio in Leith, Edinburgh. Jones was also on hand to produce the record too.

Anyone with even a passing interest in Hawk will know two things about him; firstly he has a distinctive voice (a bit Neil Hannon of The Devine Comedy, a touch of Nick Cave, a whiff of Ian Curtis of Joy Division maybe?), secondly, he loves a mad title for a song.

This record doesn’t disappoint on either score, his rich baritone is still fabulous and on this record, you will find tracks called ‘Once Upon An Acid Glance’, ‘Elvis Look-alike Shadows’ and ‘Dog-eared August’ - not quite up there with his greatest title I guess, the fabulously named ‘The Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion, 1973’, but not bad at all!

So what is the album like? In a word; outstanding. 45 minutes of glorious indie pop, filled with sublime observations, tight musicianship and lush production. It twists from full-out rock tracks like ‘Think Of Us Kissing’ and ‘Elvis Look-alike Shadows’ to delicate orchestral numbers like ‘Bridget St. John’ and ‘Frontman’.

Hawk has been compared to Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker, probably because he writes witty lyrics and has a regional accent. I genuinely hope he has as much success as those two, this album alone deserves it. My favourite album of 2023? So far, definitely.

If you fancy a copy, it’s available on standard vinyl for £22 from HMV or for the same price you can get it on clear vinyl from Strip Joint Records. If you want this delightful blue LP it is available from Hawk’s website for £27 and comes with a signed print with a handwritten lyric.

Tracks To Try: Once Upon An Acid Glance’, ‘Think Of Us Kissing’, ‘Elvis Look-alike Shadows’, ‘Bridget St. John’, ‘Angel Numbers’, ‘Money’.


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