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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Saturday night, over a few drinks, we were watching the Now! channels on Sky, skipping between ‘The Erection Section’ on Now 70s (it was actually called something like Cuddle Up On The Couch - think ‘Me And Mrs Jones’ by Billy Paul, ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Barry White etc.), Club Classics on Now 90s and the boringly titled 80s Hits on Now 80s.

After a fair amount of 80s dross, ‘Respect’ by Adeva came on which prompted Ms L to shout “I’ve got that album somewhere”. After some searching the LP was indeed found. It has been throughly cleaned and sounds glorious despite being purchased in 1989 (for £7.99 according to the HMV sticker on the front).

There are some bangers on this album! ‘Respect’ is a House version of the Otis Reading song made famous by Aretha Franklin, there is the ‘Musical Freedom (Free At Last)’ which is a collaboration with House Music producer Paul Simpson and the fantastic double of ‘I Thank You’ and ‘Warning!’.

What to expect if you haven’t heard this album before? Big, gospel voice, deep bass and proper 80’s House production, fabulous.

Tracks To Try: ‘Respect’, ‘Warning!’, ‘I Thank You’.


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