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Updated: Jun 15

My Beatles collection has grown again thanks to Santa Clause (and the outlaws!). This is an album I haven’t had much interest in previously bar for the title track, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ and ‘Things We Said Today’ (which is in my top 10 Beatles songs of all time).

I’ll admit that I hadn’t listened to this record as much as the other Beatles albums and I’m enjoying hearing new (to me) tracks back from 1964. Saying that I have seemingly absorbed by osmosis some songs I didn’t think I knew.

Tracks like ‘I Should Have Known Better’, ‘If I Fell’ and ‘And I Love Her’ didn’t jump out at me when I read the track listing but within seconds of the song starting I not only recognise them but can sing along with them!

There are still tracks I’ve never heard though like ’I’m Happy Just To Dance’, ‘Tell Me Why’ and ‘I’ll Cry Instead’ which I’m enjoying experiencing for the first time.

One thing I will say I that I listened to ‘You Can’t Do That’ for the first time in years and forgot how creepy it was! Not ‘Run For Your Life’ levels of creepy ("I'd rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man.”) but still quite unnerving!!!

This pressing contains the 2009 digital remaster of the album, which makes it “sound more vibrant and electrifying than ever before” apparently. Quite.

If any of that makes you want to hear an F with a G on top on the 12-string (the famous first chord on ‘A Hard Days Night’) then this version of the album is available everywhere for about £25.

Tracks To Try: ‘A Hard Days Night’, ’If I Fell’, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, ‘Things We Said Today’, ‘I’ll Be Back’.


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