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I have a real soft spot for the NYC-based artist Barbara Lindsey AKA Barrie. Her most recent album ‘Barbara’ was one of my favourite releases of last year so when I heard that she had some songs that never quite made the cut for the full album and were being released on an EP I was instantly interested.

It seems the five tracks on this EP didn’t fit nicely on the album so they were shelved but after letting the songs breathe a little, Barrie decided they would make a pretty good record on their own.

So, are these the dregs of the last release? Not fit for further consideration? Absolutely not. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the third track, ‘Unholy Appetite’, is one of my fave pop songs of the year.

Is this an essential purchase? Probably not (unless you love ‘Unholy Appetite’ as much as I do) but it is an excellent companion piece to the record they just missed out being on.

If you fancy taking a punt on some impeccably produced, slightly wonky, indie electro-pop then the record is available for £20 on traditional vinyl or on striking ‘goldfish’ coloured vinyl for £21 from your favourite indie outlet.

Tracks To Try: ‘Races’, ‘Unholy Appetite’, ‘Ghost World’


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